Dance shoes and apparel

Riverpark Dance School also offers dance shoes and apparel for dance lessons and exercises at affordable prices. They come in various types, sizes and colors for children and adults.

You can choose from a wide variety:

- dance shoes: shoes for social Latin-American dances, ballet shoes for children and adults, various types of sneakers
- dance apparel: various types of dance sports apparel for children and adults, socks
- men’s and women’s sports clothing: vests, short- and long-sleeve T-shirts, sweatshirts, sports pants and sweatpants

Our shops also offers DOLLY skirts. You can find and buy a stylish collection of colorful classical and theatrical “DOLLY skirts” at Riverpark Dance School!

Dance apparel for children from €17.90
Dance apparel for adults from €19.90
Children’s gym shoes from €9.90
Gym shoes for adults from €12.90
Low cut sneakers from €44.90
High top sneakers from €54.90
Women’s shoes for Latin-American dances from €54.90
Women’s sports T-shirts from €16.00
Women’s sports vests from €19.70
Women’s sweatshirts from €36.55
Women’s sweatpants from €36.81
Women’s ¾ pants from €34.27
Men’s T-shirts from €20.66
Men’s sweatshirts from €48.62
Men’s sweatpants from €43.06
Socks from €6.90
Dolly skirts from €41.10
You can view some of the products in the photo gallery to the right.