Breakdance is a popular street dance style which was created and developed as a part of the hip-hop culture among the African American and Puerto Rican youth in USA in the seventies of the 20th century. Breakdance represents a form of escape from the stereotype big-city life for young people.

The dance consists of several features, such as: "uprocking" (emulation of fight against the opponent, provoking gestures, emulation of fight), "toprock" (step variations in standing position), "downrock" (movements on the ground with the support of hands or knees), "power moves" (acrobatic movements requiring mobility, speed and endurance), "freezes" (style poses, controlled end positions) and "suicides" (movements emulating falls and loss of control).

Breakdance is danced not only to hip-hop music but also to various other music genres which are suitable for this dance style. Dancers often participate in so-called "battles", i.e. dance competitions, where individuals or "crews" - dance groups - compete. Usually, a circle is created where the dancers step in to show their dancing skills. These competitions may be formal as well as informal, they may have an organized form or not. In informal competitions, there are no exact rules, only a ban on wilful touch of the opponent applies. In the case of international competitions, an expert jury decides on the winner.

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