Salsa Solo

Salsa is a relaxing, fluent, natural and at the same time very energetic and temperamental dance. It contains elements of dances such as rumba, chachachá, mambo, guaracha, mozambique or swing. It allows for any amount of creativity and fantasy. All you have to do is to come to our class in a good mood, with playfulness and mainly with good hearing, because there would be no salsa without music.

You will move to Afro-Caribbean rhythms and the ladies will have to rely on their male partners – the female partner has to follow her male partner in dancing. Salsa makes you relax, you can express your emotions through this dance, you will find your sensuality and you will never be bored.

Everything is reflected in the dance – relaxedness, light-heartedness and good mood – to dance a Cuban salsa means, among other things, to forget about your problems, to stop, gain energy and enjoy life. It is perfect harmony of body, mind and heart – salsa cannot be learned, salsa must be lived!

Be absorbed by the rhythm of salsa and find your own during our dance classes.