Hip hop Ladies Style

Hip hop Ladies Style is intended for all the misses and ladies who want to keep their bodies in shape, get moving, improve themselves, be better in dancing, create their own style and have a great time with great people. The workout is focused on several hip-hop styles. Every workout contains a different style, different music, different steps, different choreography - new knowledge for your general overview and the creation of your better dancing “self” You can look forward to Reggaeton, sexy Videodance, as well as Housedance and the classic Hype (New jack swing).

Reggaeton is a dance style which spread from Latin America to the whole world. It is influenced by reggae and dancehall, but mainly by typical Latin styles, such as salsa and bachata.

Videodance is a dance to your most favourite R&B songs, such as Usher, Mario, Ne-Yo or Chris Brown.

Housedance uses moves and steps from several dance styles (salsa, jazz, step) and it is based on jackin. Currently, it includes house as well as the vogue and waacking styles.

New jack swing was danced mainly at the end of the ‘80s until the mid-‘90s to Hip-hop and R&B of that time. The most popular step is probably the "Running Man" and the most popular artists in this period include Bobby Brown, Montell Jordan, R. Kelly, TLC, Janet Jackson and many others.