Modern Dance

Lessons of modern dance use dance techniques created by Marta Graham, José Limon and Merc Cunningham. They focus on the movement of breath in the body, the dynamic use of weight in every body part and the unified change of one move to another. They work with impulse, relaxation, regeneration, and gravity, but mainly with breath.

The dance technique of Marta Graham is based on contraction and relaxation. Her dance technique continues to significantly influence the work of dancers today. She was so proud of her work that her performances could not be recorded, because she stated that “my performance must be seen live”.

José Limon is included in the category of modern scenic and expression dance. His technique is based on the extraordinary swinging method of the movement of a dancer and his body parts. Thus, an attractive type of movement has been created, including the technique of José Limon among the basic techniques of modern dance. It choreographies have brought a dramatic air to dance moves, which has been appreciated by viewers throughout the world.

Merc Cunningham brought a lot of new ideas to dance which were repudiated at the time of their creation – democracy of space, the principle of accident or approach to the viewer and dancers. He cared strongly about the fact that the dancers interpret his choreographies with their own style and find their own way and method of performance instead of ordinary imitation. He was attempting to raise dance over music – therefore, he often replaced the music with stomping and clapping.