Musical Dance

What do you imagine under the term musical? It is certainly dancing, music, singing and theatre. And of course, popular musicals, such as Chorus Line, The Phantom of The Opera, West Side Story, Mamma Mia, Fame, Mary Poppins, Hair and many more, which catch the heart of every dancer.

Musical Dance class begins with a short warm-up and continues with rich dance variations to popular music from various musicals. These variations come directly from musicals or are inspired by them, offering thus a great variety of means of expression for moves. For every musical is unique with its specific movement material, from jazz up to modern dance.

During the classes, you will experience many emotions – from humour and love, through pathos to anger. You will learn to control your body better, improve stage motion and you will learn how to control the space around you. It is a dance for fun that will discover your hidden potential.

Come to dance in the style of musical theatre right now. Reserve a class from our schedule and show your hidden potential.