Astanga Yoga - Basics

Astanga Yoga is a set of consecutive yoga postures, exercised in the same way in all classes – in practice, they make up an intensive daily exercise block. This creates a feeling of energy and balance and is the way of internal purification and mind control.

Through physical activity you will reach a state of absolute concentration. The specific method of breathing harmonized with static postures causes the body to sweat, which removes impurities from the body, nervous system and sensory organs. With regular practice, the individual’s initially distracted attention is gradually able to focus on breathing during the exercise, inducing a state of deep concentration.

Individual phases of Astanga Yoga detoxify and balance the body, open energy channels and “clean” the nervous system. It is dynamic flow,where we are constantly changing postures which make the body stronger and shaped with a focus on  breath and corect body alighmen.

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