Dance Yoga

Dance Yoga is a blend of Power Yoga, classical ballet and the modern dance techniques. Simply said it is a pleasant combination of yoga, fitness and streching exercises with dance elements. The postures are not static. By making the breathing dynamics more intensified, the body seems to be automatically thrown into individual dance postures.

The energy is utilized in an unusual way; therefore, it is more suitable for people with a predisposition to dance as well for people who like to experiment in the field of movement. Owing to balance postures, Dance Yoga supports good body posture and strengthens its core.

It also improves movement coordination, flexibility, elegance and elasticity. Dance Yoga is not focused on the perfect technique of performance or too much on individual postures. It is elegance that is important and the joy experienced from movement, from better understanding your body and expressing ourselves.

The hour is suitable for both women and men.

Come to know your body and express yourself by dancing in one of our classes.