Vanda is actively involved in dancing since the age of four. The first year frilly experience in modern dance, began with classical dance and movement training, and gradually came to dance style hip-hop, street dance, which is dedicated to this day. Its beginnings were dancing Elastic dance school, where the fourth year acts as a lecturer. With his band E.D.C. regularly participated in nationwide dance competitions and performances. He attended some time SDA, through which you had the opportunity to dance in the video "mood" By Dario Rollins.

She is a dancer for RDS Company and seeks to develop in other dance styles. Regularly participates in dance workshops and training with different trainers. She had the opportunity to dance alongside singer Dominica Mirgová, Desmod groups and performing in various clubs and dance with Eventim dance group Impressa. Still trying to gather new experiences, learn in hip-hop as a culture, not only in dance. Besides dancing also she loves working with children, and therefore have long been devoted to children trained in different schools, at a dance event or in camps and with Riverpark Dance School.